Céramiste des couleurs Sculpteur

My inspiration comes from mountains, cliffs, volcanoes, waterfalls, snow, ice, and fire. These works of nature, created by unseen forces or shaped by powerful winds and waves, display a majesty that awes me.

My hope and goal is to capture their essence in my stoneware and glazes, and so I strive to represent streaked furrows, gullies, folded crust, snowy slopes, and petrified lava. In short, the evidence of a living world.

My creations are covered by many layers of different glazes which I apply almost blindly by brush and which only reveal themselves after being fired at 1300o . The resulting surface is like a hymn to water, with its fluidity and transparency contrasting with the raw and unpolished material of the support.

The vertical sculptures are marked by folds and fissures that stand in contrast to steep, smooth planes. Enriched by “KO” glaze suggesting ice crystals, these pieces reflect the omnipresent duality of spirit and material in our earthly universe.

traduit par James Simmonds

photo pour présentation